Main Event: Cesar Solares – 4th Place ($75,441)

$1,700 Main Event (Single Re-Entry)
$1M Guaranteed
 | Payouts
Level 33: 100,000/200,000 with a 30,000 Ante
Players remaining: 3 of 735

Cesar Solares

Sheddy Siddiqui opened to 450,000 from under the gun and picked up calls from Cesar Solares on the button and Dmitrii Perfilev in the big blind. Perfilev and Solares checked the As8h5h flop and Solares announced: “all in”. Perfilev quickly folded and Siddiqui called just as quickly.

Siddiqui: Ah8s
Solares: Jh9h

Siddiqui was ahead with aces up but needed to fade the hearts to send Solares out. The 6d turn gave Solares gutshot outs but the river blanked Qs to give Siddiqui the pot while Solares was eliminated in fourth place.

Sheddy Siddiqui – 9,300,000 (47 bb)
Cesar Solares – Eliminated in 4th Place ($75,441)