Long Driver Comes Up Short

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante
54 players remaining, 48k avg (40 bb)

Bobby Bradley
Bradley Taking His Swing in Event 1

It’s been a few years since he’s been in the limelight, but people in this part of Florida may know Bobby Bradley’s name.

The Wellington native was a Major League Baseball first round pick (Pittsburgh, 1999), but arm injuries derailed his pitching career and he turned to his second love, golf.  Bradley’s strength is off the tee and he’s turned that ability into a second career.

“I was at the Michael J. Fox outing, but it got rained out,” says Bradley, “so I drove 235 miles to get here.”

Bradley helps foundations raise money as an entertainer at charity events. He works with Charity Golf International and according to its website, Bradley’s has “generated over $1,000,000 in donations for various charities around the United States and Canada.”

“I’ve always played poker,” says Bradley, who was recently knocked out of Flight B, “this is great. I play when I can.”

Bradley is a 7-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Finalist with a longest competition drive measuring 440 yards. His breath taking drives are always a hit at charity events including at last year’s Ron Jaworski Celebrity Golf Challenge.

“It’s great to help raise money and be around good people,” says Bradley, who went toe-to-toe off the tee with Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco at Jaworski’s event which you can see here.

“I told him you’re not an athlete, you’re a quarterback,” laughs Bradley, “but neither am I, I was a pitcher.”

Bradley bolted after busting today, no word if he’ll return for another shot at the $300,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool.