Fort Lauderdale’s Blaine McRae Wins Coco Poker Open Event 2

Final report for Event 2 which finished Thursday just before 4am

2016 Coco Poker Open
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, FL
Event #2
$130 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack
Entries: 302
Prize Pool: $30,200
September 21, 2016

Blain McRae - Event 2 winner

McRae earns $5,355 following four-way chop, Rob Brown finishes third following second final table appearance of the day.

Blaine McRae of nearby Fort Lauderdale is the most recent champion at the Coco Poker Open. McRae came out on top of a 302-entry field in Event 2, a $130 deep stack tournament, to earn $5,355 following a four-way chop at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. With 20-minute levels and 16,000-chip starting stacks, the event began at 6pm and concluded just before 4am. It would have wrapped earlier were it not for the persistence of poker professional Rob Brown.

When play narrowed to the nine-handed final table, there was a move to chop lead by Mark Nahama. With the blinds climbing as fast as the early morning hours, stacks were shallow and there wasn’t much play. Brown, who was in the midst of his second final table appearance of the day following an 8th-place finish in Event 1, was short stacked and opted to play it out. Chop talk continued, but play went on. By the time four players remained, Barry Sisselman’s chip lead had shifted to McRae. The big blind was 60,000 leaving the average stack at roughly 20 big blinds. Remaining players calculated a chip chop and Brown negotiated for a few hundred more dollars from there. Outside of McRae, the other payouts were as follows; Sisselman ($4,820), Brown ($4,423) and Nahama ($3,744).

McRae owns just two prior tournament cashes, both coming at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. The $5,355 score marks his largest win to date.

With the conclusion of Event 2, all eyes are on the $2,500 Championship and its $1,000,000 guarantee. The first of two starting flights begins Friday at noon.

Event 2 final results:

1st: Blain McRae – $5,355
2nd: Barry Sisselman – $4,820
3rd: Rob Brown – $4,423
4th: Mark Nahama – $3,744
5th: Paul Oken – $1,616
6th: Aaron Klausman – $1,284
7th: Edgardo Rosario – $982
8th: Adam Romer – $710
9th: Alfred CottonĀ  – $513
10th: Jeff Burdeen – $393
11th: Jeffrey Berry – $393
12th: Robert Miller – $393
13th: Aldring Gomez Torres – $317
14th: Brian Breen – $317
15th: Neal Corcoran – $317
16th: Marc Roth – $272
17th: Garrett Rogers – $272
18th: Chris Lee – $272
19th: Albert Barney – $227
20th: Anthony Bianculli – $227
21st: Thomas Millward – $227
22nd: Scott Rubin – $227
23rd: Nancy Birnbaum – $227
24th: Scott Loiselle – $227
25th: Bienvenido Santiago – $227
26th: Tracy White – $227
27th: Edward Medoff – $227
28th: Steven Moreno – $196
29th: David McCord – $196
30th: Paul Humphrey – $196
31st: Stephen Greenstein – $196
32nd: Lewis Lurie – $196
33rd: Nicholas Bazos – $196
34th: Richard Coppola – $196
35th: Robert Williams – $196
36th: Robert Kessler – $196