Event 9: Zaydman Defeats Benjamin in Marathon Match

$360 No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up (64 Max Players)
Players Remaining: 2 of 52

Charlemagne Benjamin
Charlemagne Benjamin

Howard Mash began his Semifinal match an hour after the Elliot Zaydman/Charlemagne Benjamin match and finished an hour before them.

After two and a half hours of back and forth, Zaydman outflopped Benjamin to finally lock up a spot in the Finals against Mash.

The two exchanged big leads throughout with some monster hands. Benjamin stormed ahead when his QhQd against Zaydman’s 8d8s saw a crazy QcTh8h flop. The lead didn’t last long and Zaydman moved back in front by a few hundred units with the average stack at exactly ten big blinds.

The chips went in the middle with Benjamin ahead holding Ad5d against Kh8h until Zaydman flopped trip kings on the KsKc5h board. The dealer finished with the 6c turn and 2h river to send Benjamin out in 3rd place after a long battle.

3rd: Charlemagne Benjamin – $2,000