Event 9: Gimbel edges out Weissman for trophy

$1,650 Six-Max Purple Chip Bounty NLH (Re-entry)

After Joey Weissman eliminated Victor Figueroa in 3rd place when they got it all in on a ten high flop with Victor holding A-T and Joey pocket jacks, Weissman and Harrison Gimbel decided to make a deal. Harrison had a slight chip lead and would receive $25,205 and the trophy while Weissman would receive an excellent consolation prize of $25,000 – a nice follow up to the 7th place finish he had a few days earlier. Gimbel, best known for his $2 million + win at the PCA a few years back was all smiles after the win. “You don’t get two or three handed all that often in poker so when you do it’s a lot of fun.” Both Weissman and Gimbel are going to get some rest before taking part in the Championship Event later today. Congratulations Harrison!


Event 9 Winner - Harrison Gimbel
Event 9 Winner – Harrison Gimbel


1stHarrison Gimbel$25,205.00
2ndJoey Weissman$25,000.00
3rdVictor Figueroa$12,350.00
4thChad Richard$9,025.00
5thMicah Raskin$6,745.00
6thFarid Jattin$5,225.00
7thSeth Berger$4,180.00
8thGreg Lehn$3,420.00
9thJake Schwartz$2,850.00