Event 9: Don’t Stop

$360 No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up (64 Max Players)
Total Entries: 52

Michael Lewin (left) versus Susan Steinberg (right) in the second round
Michael Lewin (left) versus Susan Steinberg (right) in the second round

We’re moving right along here, it doesn’t take very long with some matches finishing up a few hands. All first round matches are complete, second round matches are underway, and some have already moved on.

Seven players booked their spot in the third round including defending champ Howard Mash and Charlemagne Benjamin dispatching their opponents in only three hands. Others advancing were Elliot Zaydman, David Nefzger, John Holly, Jorge Gomez, and Frank Giordano.

The next set of matches are set to kick off at 2pm.

Table 1
Ramon Miguel Munoz versus Elliot Zaydman
Table 2
Ethiel Garcia versus Daniel Pearlman
Table 3
Daniel Genachte versus David Nefzger
Table 4
John Holley versus Charles Biondoullo
Table 5
Manuel Soltero Luna versus Charlemagne Benjamin
Table 6
Jorge Gomez versus Ory Hen
Table 7
Jason Dollinger versus David Ward
Table 8
Scott Hart versus Kyle Taddei
Table 9
Cory Zeidman versus Alex Cohen
Table 10
Lou Stadler versus Frank Giordano
Table 11
Rob Kessler versus Israel de la Cerda
Table 12
Susan Steinberg versus Michael Lewin
Table 13
Casey Kaplan versus Arthur Rodriguez
Table 14
Steven Rosen versus Jake Omar
Table 15
Nicholas Bauricther versus Brett Martinez
Table 16
Howard Mash versus Greg Marcus