Event 9: 6th Place – Jattin

$1,650 Six-Max Purple Chip Bounty NLH (Re-entry)

Blinds 1,500/3k/500 ante

Farid Jattin (Miami)  $5,225
Farid Jattin (Miami)

Farid Jattin suffers a tough beat when his set of 5s are run down by Joey Weissman who hits a set of Aces on the river for a 250k double-up.

The hand leaves Jattin short as he’s then part of a three-way all in with 8d5d  against Joey Weissman 7x7x and Micah Raskin AdJd.

Weissman’s pocket pair holds and he eliminates Raskin and Jattin.

Jattin finishes in 6th place for $5,225 because he began the hand with the fewest chips.