Event 9: $130 PLO/NLH Closer Begins

$130 Pot Limit Omaha/No Limit Hold’em
Level 1: 50/100

The clock strikes 6 p.m. and the ninth and final event of the Coco Poker Showdown is off and running. Players begin the $130 pot limit Omaha/no limit hold’em tournament with 10,000-chip starting stacks and log 20-minute levels throughout. Late registration/unlimited re-entry is available until the start of Level 10. This tournament is structured as a one-day event and it’s expected to conclude during the early morning hours of Sunday.

Here’s a look at how it plays out:

  • $10,000 guaranteed prize pool
  • 10,000-chip starting stacks and 20-minute levels
  • Late registration/unlimited re-entry available until the start of Level 10 (about 9:15 p.m.)
  • Event 9 structure sheet

We will touch base with you again when registration closes and the prize pool is finalized.