Event 7: George Duffield Takes Home Top Prize

2016 Coco Poker Open
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, FL
Event #7
$200 No Limit Hold’em Double Green Chip Bounty
Entries: 64
Prize Pool: $15,000
September 25, 2016

George Duffield, Event 7 Champion
George Duffield, Event 7 Champion

The Coco Poker Open schedule provided some bounty action on a Sunday evening in The Pavilion. Event 7 was a $200 buy-in tournament that put a $50 price on each player’s head. They were able to add some cash to their pockets before getting  a piece of the prize pool payouts.

The tournament drew 64 entrants and they quickly played down towards the final table after registration closed for the night. The last nine players earned part of the $15,000 guaranteed prize pool and they were in the money when Cesar Fuentes was eliminated in tenth place after a long grind.

They talked for several minutes about chopping up the prize pool based on ICM numbers but Nader Bahhur was eliminated before they could make a deal. Eugene Calden was the leader at that point but he slipped to third place when they finally concluded negotiations on an eight-way deal.

Popular local player George Duffield held the chip lead and was declared the Event 7 champion along with $2,015 (and his bounty) for the effort. Congrats to George and Rafael Indraigo as well, he finished with third place money two days after winning Event 4.

Event 7 results:

1st: George Duffield – $2,015
2nd: Rafael Indriago Salazar – $1,880
3rd: Eugene Calden – $1,540
4th: Rudolph Cameron – $1,496
5th: Thelma Schuman – $1,302
6th: Robin Dean – $1,250
7th: Krishna Collins – $1,180
8th: Tony Mandia – $842
9th: Nader Bahhur – $295