Event 7: Bradpiece Wins After Six-Way Deal

$240 Omaha Hi/Lo (Re-Entry)

Jerome Bradpiece, Event 7 Champion
Jerome Bradpiece, Event 7 Champion

When playing Omaha/8, nothing is ever easy. High hands get chopped, low hands get quartered, and potential deals go sideways. The last 30 minutes of Event 7 featured more conversation than action before the last six players came to an agreement to chop up the remaining prize pool money.

Unlike most chop deals, this one they are handling on their own and Jerome Bradpiece was declared the Event 7 champion with his big stack. He officially picks up the biggest chunk of cash plus the $2,500 Championship seat for his efforts.

1st: Jerome Bradpiece – $3,960 plus $2,500 Championship Seat
2nd: Michael Guardino – $2,772
3rd: Michelle Erb – $1,782
4th: John Holley – $1,320
5th: Alan Brostoff – $990
6th: Michael Clemente – $792
7th: Mitchell Smith – $660
8th: Scott Sharp – $528
9th: Robert Campbell – $396