Event 7: Antonio Campbell Wins Heads Up

$250 No Limit Hold’em Heads Up

It was a long drawn out Heads Up battle between Yuan Shen and Antonio Campbell. They were each deep and the battle last more than 90 minutes before Campbell came out on top.

He took a big lead 30 minutes into the match and had Shen all-in more than once to win. The first was an anti-climatic battle of AdKh versus AhKs but Shen found a double soon after when his AsTs survived against QsJd.

Shen temporarily took the lead back when he was all-in once more with 7c6s after the 6h4h2d flop and Campbell called with AhTh. The flush draw did not get there but Campbell was soon back in charge after a cooler with Shen’s AdKd running straight into AhAc.

Shen was short again and shoved with Ac6d and Campbell called for the tournament with 8h8c. Campbell took a huge lead on the Th8d3c flop before Shen picked up an inside straight draw courtesy of the 9s turn. The river blanked Kh to send Shen out in second and give the Heads Up title to Antonio Campbell.

Antonio Campbell
Antonio Campbell