Event 6 Winner – Berger

$1,100 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

Blinds 2k/4k/500 ante

Seth Berger (Woodbury, New York)  $26,520
Seth Berger (Woodbury, New York)

After taking the chip lead, Seth Berger grinds down Vlad Varlashin to 140k (35 bb) before the final hand.

Berger: Ad8s
Varlashin: KcQs

Flop: Jd8h4c (Berger, pair of 8s]

Turn: Tc (Varlashin OE)

River: 4s

Berger dodges 14 outs and wins the tournament with a pair of 8s.

“I’m happy to get a win,” says Berger, “I’ve chopped before, but this is my first outright win.”

Berger, who had a second and third place finish at the 2013 WSOP for $620,000, picks up the Lucky Hearts Poker Open trophy and $26,520 for the win.