Event 6: Extra Omaha

$240 Omaha High/Low
Limits: 2.4K/4.8K

One day wasn’t enough for the Omaha/8 tournament after the big turnout for the four-card Limit event. There were 77 entrants when registration closed and 12 still remain with only nine of them making the money.

Claudangelo Beaudouin leads the restart with 95,200 but nobody is guaranteed a spot at the final table as the blinds and limits continue to climb. They will come together as one table when two are sent out and that will put them on the 10-handed money bubble.

1st – $5,390
2nd – $3,080
3rd – $2,002
4th – $1,386
5th – $1,078
6th – $847
7th – $693
8th – $539
9th – $385

Claudangelo Beaudouin95,200
Richard Howard88,100
Robert Campbell65,300
Elon Diamond57,400
Tom Minorczyk56,600
Zhen Bui51,000
Michael Guardino42,000
Cameron Reid38,000
Daniel Genachte35,400
Christian Ivens24,300
Alan Brostoff21,400
Avi Levy19,300