Event 5: Done for the day

$240 Omaha H/L (Re-entry)

We have concluded play in Event 5 for the day with 13 players remaining. There is 10 minutes left in Level 12, blinds will be 600/1.2K when they return with limits of 1.2K/2.4K. Luis Santoni is the chip leader with 76K in chips. They will resume play at 1 pm. Here is how your final 13 players will look when they return:


TableSeatNameChip Count
361Luis Santoni76,000
362Allen Green20,800
363Richard Joseph38,300
364Robert Goldfarb61,000
365Rosalyn Sheiris8,200
366Stephen Reid9,100
371Jeffrey Levitt7,200
372Barry Bindelglass4,900
373Max Jones32,900
374Harry Eisenberg64,100
375Tomas Larivee Magni5,700
376Mitchell Smith12,700
377Michael Moed42,500