Event 5: Chip Counts

$250 No Limit Hold’em Black Chip Bounty
Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 25

There are 120 entrants thus far with a little more than 45 minutes left to register. Here are some chip counts from after the break:

NameChip Count
David Gelley41,600
Kevin Spires31,725
Christian Rodriguez27,750
Steele Sutter23,850
Armando Gutierrez23,700
Abbey Daniels16,725
Richard Kessler16,600
Lee Klosty16,250
Louis Leo IV14,475
Zach Kessler13,375
Joe Zelnick8,875
Jermaine Phang6,125
Matt Elsby6,000
Joelle Guarino5,600
Willie Wiggins3,850