Event 5: Baker's Dozen Restart

$240 Omaha H/L (Re-entry)

Limits 1,200/2,400
13 players remaining, 30k avg (12 big bets)

Table 1
Table 1*

*Starting Left of Dealer

Jeffrey Levitt
Barry Bindelglass
Max Jones
Harry Eisenberg
Tomas  Magni
Mitchell Smith   (absent)
Michael Moed

Eleven of the 13 remaining players are here for the restart as we’re 8 spots from the money.

“He doesn’t have to show up and he’ll make the money,” jokes one player about chip leader Luis Santoni (Pembroke Pines) who is MIA.

Santoni is at 76k (32 bb), while Mitchell Smith (Palm Beach), who is also not here, can’t afford to miss hands. He’s at 13k (5 bb) with only 10 minutes left on the level and limits moving up to 1,600/3,200.

Table 2
Table 2*

*Starting Left of Dealer

Luis Santoni     (absent)
Allen Green
Richard  Laskey
Robert Goldfarb
Rosalyn Sheiris
Stephen Reid

***1:15 Update***

Santoni & Smith have arrived