Event 5: 9th Place – Andres Morales ($319)

$250 No Limit Hold’em Black Chip Bounty
Blinds: 1.5k/3k/300 ante

It took just five hands for Andre Morales to find a time to take his short for a double up. Action folded to him in the small blind and he moved all-in for his final 29,500. Man Le took his time but eventually called with Ad2d for the better hand over Qd9d.

Le’s hand was best and moved further ahead on the Ac9s2h flop. The 4c turn left Morales with just two outs, neither of which popped on the Jd river. Morales had a quick final table but takes home $319 along with his bounties for finishing 9th.

Andres Morales , 9th Place
Andres Morales , 9th Place