Event 5: 11th Place – Heidi Erickson ($248)

$250 No Limit Hold’em Black Chip Bounty
Blinds: 1.2K/2.4K Ante: 400

Steven Bennett opened for 12,400 total and Heidi Erickson moved all in for 28,700. David Gelley thought for a moment before counting out a stack of chips and moving them into the middle while saying “I call.”

A visibly frustrated Bennett asked “how much you have behind” and Gelley responded “80ish” to which Bennett responded “I’m supposed to ship it. I’m so confused” before announcing that he too was calling. There was 90K in the pot and the three saw a flop of KdJh8s and Bennett and Gelley both checked. The turn was the 6c and Bennett moved all in leading to a rather quick fold from Gelley.

Bennett turned over 6h6s for a turned set of sixes and Erickson said “I’m drawing dead” as she turned over Ac7d. The river was the Kc and Erickson was eliminated in 11th place for $240.

Heidi Erickson - 11th Place ($240)
Heidi Erickson – 11th Place ($240)