Event 5: 10th Place – Michael Larkin ($248)

$250 No Limit Hold’em Black Chip Bounty
Blinds: 1.5K/3K Ante: 500

Richard Kessler opened for 10,000 and it was folded to Michael Larkin who moved all in for 64,500. The action got back to Kessler who after a few moments in the tank decided to make the call with AhKd. The pause in calling was with good reason as Larkin did indeed have a monster… AcAs.

The flop came Jh8h3h and Larkin astutely pointed out “you have the Ah” to Kessler. Perhaps he should have kept quiet as the turn would be the 8s but the river would be the 6h to give Kessler the flush. Larkin slammed his hand down on the table, a bit frustrated, but regained his composure and shook Kessler’s hand while saying “hey good luck” and then added to the rest of the table “good night everyone.”

Kessler is eliminated in 10th place for $248.

Michael Larkin - 10th Place ($248)
Michael Larkin – 10th Place ($248)