Event 4 Recap: Phang Triples Career Winnings With Win

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

Entrants: 314      Prize Pool: $100,000

“This is my biggest tournament win by far,” said an obviously pleased Jermaine Phang moments after taking down Event 4 of the 2014 Lucky Hearts Poker Open at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Coconut Creek. Not only was the $17,000 pay day his biggest cash ever, but it tripled his career earnings of $5,324. Not a bad two days at the “office”. “I love playing at the Creek,” said the 34 year old electrical engineer from Pompano Beach. “I mainly play tournaments here and I’m going to play in the WPT Main Event.” Jermaine joked that he was “going to Disney” when asked what he was going to do with the money. That’s certainly an option now after his win. Congratulations Jermaine!

Event 4 Winner - Jermaine Phang
Event 4 Winner – Jermaine Phang


A total of 314 players turned out over the course of two starting flights and by the time play wrapped up early Tuesday morning there were a total of 68 players coming back to vie for the 36 in the money spots. Wendy Freedman from Las Vegas led the way with 276,900 in chips. It would take just over three hours of play to get into the money and it would be well known local poker professional Darryl Fish who would burst the bubble when his Ace-King won a race against Tim Miles.

With 15 players left, Freedman was still in the chip lead, now with 1.25 million in chips which was 300K more than her closest competitor Jonathan Marks. It would not take much time to get down to our final table of 10 and it was Phang who won one of the bigger pots up to that point when his A-K bested the A-Q of Ira Marcus on an Ace high flop. Freedman had dipped a bit in chips but was still the chip leader as we started play:


SeatNameChip Count
1Darryl Fish165K
2Jonathan Marks825K
3Ray Nalbandian510K
4Dennis Rodriguez520K
5Leroy Grant525K
6Harold Lamm660K
7Patrick Heneghan525K
8Wendy Freedman1.1 million
9Jermaine Phang525K
10Jason San525K


The chip lead would change hands when Freedman and Jonathan Marks would tangle in a pot early on. On a queen high flop, Freedman would check call a 95K bet from Marks. The turn was an Ace and when Freedman checked, Marks instantly bet 145K. Wendy decided to look him up. Both players checked the rag flop and Marks showed pocket Kings, which was good enough to take down the pot. “That Ace showed up and it ruined my plans,” said Marks before adding “I have to complain about something, that’s like the 6th time I’ve had Kings today.”

Darryl Fish would score a double up at the hands of Wendy when he moved all in for a total of 217K with pocket Aces and Freedman, who had 50K already in the pot, made the call with KhJh. That pot moved Fish over the 500K mark and Wendy was just slightly above that mark. Our first player eliminated would be Leroy Grant when he moved all in over the top of Ray Nalbandian’s 110K bet on a 9c4d3h flop. Ray made the call with pocket Queens which was well ahead of Grant’s pocket 6’s. The turn was the 7h giving Leroy a few more outs but the river was the Ac and Ray scored a huge double up moving him to over 1 million in chips and Leroy was left with just 8K. He would be eliminated on the next hand with K-Q against Dennis Rodriguez’s A-Q.

10th Place, Leroy Grant - $1,900
10th Place, Leroy Grant – $1,900


In what would be “the biggest hand of the tournament for me” Jermaine Phang scored a massive double up at the hands of Wendy Freedman when she moved all in from the small blind and Jermaine woke up with Ace-Queen and instantly called. Freeman held Ah8d and her rapid descent continued when the board would not find a way to make her a winner. Wendy was still alive with just under 400K in chips and Phang now moved up to over a million. Phang’s good fortune would continue when he got it all in behind against Patrick Heneghan with AcKc when Heneghan held pocket Kings. Asking for an Ace, it would be a Broadway straight that would send the pot Jermaine’s way when the board ran out Qh2d2cJhTd. A frustrated Patrick would pound his fist hard against the table as he was our 9th place finisher.

9th Place, Patrick Heneghan - $2,079
9th Place, Patrick Heneghan – $2,079

Freedman’s descent would be completed when she moved all in over the top of Dennis Rodriguez’s 75K opener with pocket 10’s. When Dennis made the call and showed Kings, Wendy could only shake her head while saying “are you serious” to no one in particular. The board would run out Qs9c4c9h3c and Freedman was eliminated in 8th place.

8th Place, Wendy Freedman - $2,200
8th Place, Wendy Freedman – $2,200

The table buzzed for a bit talking about how quickly Freedman had gone from the chip lead. One player said “she was taking unnecessary risks” and others nodded their heads in agreement. The seven players went on a break with the approximate chip counts looking as follows:

SeatNameChip Count
1Darryl Fish800K
2Jonathan Marks1.4 million
3Ray Nalbandian725K
4Dennis Rodriguez985K
5Harold Lamm150K
6Jermaine Phang1.8 million
7Jason San375K


With the blinds at 20K/40K, Jason San had less than 10 big blinds and got the rest of his chips all in with Ac4c against the hot Jermaine Phang who had AsQd. San asked for clubs and then a 5 when the flop came 9c3s2s. No 5 or clubs would come for him as the turn and river was the 7s6h and San was eliminated while Phang continued to add to his chip lead.

7th Place, Jason San - $2,983
7th Place, Jason San – $2,983

Harold Lamm had been a short stack for quite some time, even managing a quadruple up when he hit two pair against three other players. He could never gain any stack momentum, however, and finally was eliminated when he moved all in for less than four big blinds with AcQd and Darryl Fish looked him up out of the big blind with 9d6c. The first card out of the dealers hand was the Qs prompting Fish to say “not a good start.” The next two cards, however, would change that as it was the 9h6d to give Fish bottom two pair. That would end up holding up to send Lamm to the rail in 6th place.

6th Place, Harold Lamm - $3,887
6th Place, Harold Lamm – $3,887

They played five handed for a bit before the remaining players decided to make a deal and chop the money five ways. Phang received a bit more as he had a commanding chip lead and as a result he was declared the winner. The payouts for the final five were as follows:

1stJermaine Phang$17,000.00
2ndJonathan Marks$14,000.00
3rdDennis Rodriguez$12,750.00
4thDarryl Fish$12,750.00
5thRay Nalbandian$5,890.00


Final Results:

1stJermaine Phang (Pompano Beach)$17,000.00
2ndJonathan Marks (Weston)$14,000.00
3rdDennis Rodriguez (Sunrise)$12,750.00
4thDarryl Fish (Ft. Lauderdale)$12,750.00
5thRay Nalbandian (Tamarac)$5,890.00
6thHarold Lamm (Port St. Lucie)$3,887.00
7thJason San (Weston)$2,983.00
8thWendy Freedman (Las Vegas, NV)$2,200.00
9thPatrick Heneghan (Lake Mary)$2,079.00
10thLeroy Grant (Pembroke Pines)$1,900.00
11thLuis Guarda (Coral Springs)$1,900.00
12thIra Marcus (Austin, TX)$1,900.00
13thRoberto Mann (Aventura)$1,630.00
14thBarbara Cardin (Apollo Beach)$1,630.00
15thAngelo Miele (Davie)$1,630.00
16thMiguel Russo (Coral Springs)$1,360.00
17thAlex White (Boca Raton)$1,360.00
18thJohn Utley Jr. (Morganfield, KY)$1,360.00
19thDavid Ring$740.00
20thPaula Holder$740.00
21stElisha Greenwood$740.00
22ndVasile Schita$740.00
23rdGary Levinger$740.00
24thRobert Zuckerman$740.00
25thIan O’Hara$740.00
26thJonah Miller$740.00
27thDimitry Agrachov$740.00
28thLouis Leo IV$570.00
29thGary Kreymer$570.00
30thPaula Alibrandi$570.00
31stTom Gleason$570.00
32ndJoseph Gotlieb$570.00
33rdJason Plaxen$570.00
34thSteven McKoy$570.00
35thHarold Klein$570.00
36thKevin Spires$570.00