Event 4: Mixing Up the Action

$240 No Limit Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Level 1: 25/50


While most of the room is dealing with the Coco Poker Open Championship or mega satellite, the next tournament on the schedule is underway in The Pavilion.

Event 4 is a little something for those who like their game full of action. The $240 buy-in tournament has a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool and will switch from No Limit Hold’em to Pot Limit Omaha and back again every nine hands. Two games which will get them moving quickly.

Players begin with 10,000 starting stacks and levels last 30-minutes from start to finish. Late registration is open until the start of Level 7 around 9:10pm this evening and players can re-enter as many times as they wish during that time. This is scheduled as a one-day event and we will have our next Coco Poker Open champion before the night is through.

6PM: Event 4 – $240 No Limit Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)

  • $20,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Players begin with 10,000 in tournament chips and 30-minute levels
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 7
  • Tournament plays until completion or Tournament Director discretion
  • Event 4 Structure Sheet