Event 4: Jermaine Phang Wins

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

Five handed, the players decided to chop the money and it was Jermaine Phang who was declared the winner. Payouts and order of finish was as follows:

1stJermaine Phang$17,000.00
2ndJonathan Marks$14,000.00
3rdDennis Rodriguez$12,750.00
4thDarryl Fish$12,750.00
5thRay Nalbandian$5,890.00

Jermaine is a 34 year old electrical engineer from Pompano Beach. “I play tournaments all the time at the Creek,” said Phang. “I’m going to play the Main,” he said, also adding that this was his biggest tournament win ever. “I’m going to Disney,” he joked. Jermaine said the biggest hand for him was when Wendy Freedman moved all in from the small blind with A-8 when he was in the big blind with A-Q. “That was the hand that got me going,” Phang said. Congratulations on your win Jermaine!

Event 4 Winner - Jermaine Phang
Event 4 Winner – Jermaine Phang