Event 4: Angelo Miele the Last into Round 2

$500 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em
Level 7: 800/1,600

While many of the Round 2 matches are already complete, Angelo Miele and Frank Lerczak were still battling seven levels deep into their Round 1 match. It ended only a moment ago, nearly two hours after it started.

On the final hand, Miele leads the betting for 2,300 on the turn of an AcQd6h7h board. Lerczak only has 1,700 chips left in front of him, and he stands up and kneels on his chair while he deliberates.

“I need a heart,” Lerczak says, exposing his 2h4h but still considering the call for his tournament life. Finally, he splashes the rest of his chips into the middle.

Frank Lerczak (left) vs. Angelo Miele (right)
Frank Lerczak (left) vs. Angelo Miele (right)

“You can’t win,” Miele informs him. He shows Ah3h, and Lerczak is indeed drawing dead. The river is the meaningless 6d, and Miele’s aces up send him through to Round 2.