Event 3: Two Tables

$560 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 3k/6k/500 ante

Haim Toorgeman and Alfonso Perez got involved in a hand that played itself. Toorgeman was all-in and in trouble with QcQh against Perez and AsAc.

Toorgeman was happy to see the KsQs9c flop and sat back down in his seat. Perez needed an Ace for the knockout but instead saw Toorgeman hit the overkill Quad Qd to move over 160,000.

While that was going on at Table 3, Alex Bolotin was sent out at Table 6.

Gregory Marcus was sitting comfortably until he doubled up Richard Leger when his 7d7h couldn’t out race As8s. He was gone shortly afterwards along with Ross Fischer and Yuan Shen to get the field down to 18.

Tournament staff are redrawing seats with 12 of them making the money.

31Haim Toogerman
32Matthew Mendez
33Trey Hamel
34Larry Klur
35Oleg Vayman
36Jorge Gomez
37Daniel Pearlman
38Chris Bolek
39Richard Leger
51John DePersio
52Igor Skochilo
53James Sutherland
54David Felger
55Howard Darnold
56Michael Goldfarb
57Nigel Murray
58Alfonso Perez
59Paul Balzano