Event 3: In the Money

$560 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 4k/8k/500 ante

The bubble finally burst but not before Nigel Murray made some noise. The boistrous local has been quiet over the first week but got a little frisky on the bubble.

He was all-in versus Oleg Vayman but looking like the bubble boy with AcJs against KcKh. He stood up, but quickly sat back down when the flop came AhJc5d then stayed that way on the Td turn and boat-friendly Jh.

That stretched hand-for-hand play for more than 30 minutes and they were just about to go on a color up break when Trey Hamel was all-in with Tc8c versus Larry Krul holding AdQc. Hamel was in trouble but found help right off the bat when the flop came Td4d4s but Krul picked up the first part of a backdoor flush draw on the Kd turn.

Krul celebrated when the 7d hit the river while Hamel quickly packed up and hit the rail in 13th with 12 paying.

1st – $18,644
2nd – $10,735
3rd – $7,063
4th – $4,803
5th – $3,814
6th – $2,966
7th – $2,401
8th – $1,836
9th – $1,271
10th – $989
11th – $989
12th – $989