Event 3: 4th Place – Oleg Vayman ($4,803)

$560 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 12k/24k/3k ante

The two shortest stack at the table, Howard  Darnold and Oleg Vayman, would tangle with one another and it was Vayman who was at risk of elimination with AdKc. Darnold held 6h6d and would prevail when the board ran out 5c4d3hQs2c to give him a six-high straight, one notch better than Vayman’s five-high straight.

“Good luck guys,” said Vayman, eliminated in 4th place for $4,803.

Oleg Vayman - 4th Place ($4,803)
Oleg Vayman – 4th Place ($4,803)