Event 2D: Runners for Shades

$365 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$300,000 Guaranteed | 
Structure | Payouts
Level 15: 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante
Flight D Players Remaining: 70 of 503

Michael “Shades”

The clock was ticking down on the evening when there was a ruckus at one of the tables. Dozens of people rushed over, including your trusty reporter with his camera, to see the damage.

Michael “Shades” was all smiles looking at the board that helped his Ad9d beat KsKh. His opponent flopped a set on the Kc9c5s board against his paired nine. “Shades” was 0.4% to win the hand but improved on the 9s turn to one out going to the river.

The case 9h hit the river and was exactly what he needed for quads over kings full to the cause of the loud, late scene.