Event 2: Omaha Passes Guarantee

$240 Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Re-Entry)

Blinds 100/200
59 Entries

Players at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open are now 2 for 2 in guarantees as the $10k Guarantee has been hit and registration closed.

It’s a fun group on the opposite side of the Stax Poker Lounge from where Event 1 is set up.

“Make sure my wife knows I’m here,” laughs Ron Halperin (Lake Worth), “and make sure you get my wedding ring in the picture.” Halperin says his wife Nat is part of the Seminole tribe and his daughter Po, is short for Pocahontas.

Meanwhile Martin Zamani (Boca Raton) says, “how about a 7,” who needs to hit the river for a higher full house. And with that, a 7 magically appears and Zamani gets the knockout to take his stack to 35k.

“I never fold, these guys know that.”

We’ll update the photo gallery throughout the day, but here’s a look at some of the friendly faces in the field:

*** 3 pm Update ***

Josh Park (Gainesville, FL) has knocked Zamani out of the tournament