Event 2: Brad Coultas Triples Up on the Bubble, Too

$240 Deep Stack Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Level 14: 1,500/3,000

Robert Melo opens to 7,000 in the cutoff, and Joseph Patalano three-bets to 25,500 from the button. Brad Coultas calls all in for his last 6,000 in the big blind, Melo folds, and Coultas is heads up for his tournament life.

Patalano: AhAd7d6d
Coultas: KsTc5c4d

The board runs out KdQh2d6h4h, and Colultas rivers two pair to win the pot. He more than triples up, though he’s still the short stack at the table.

Brad Coultas – 19,500 (7 bb)