Event 2: 8th Place – Guardino

$240 Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Re-Entry)

Mike Guardino (Coconut Creek) $424
Mike Guardino (Coconut Creek)

On a flop of Q-9-9, Mike Guardino is all in for 30k against Michael Moed

Guardino: A-9-2-3 (trip 9s)
Moed: A-A-K-Q (pair of Aces)

Turn: A

The Ace gives Moed the winning boat over over, Aces full of 9s vs Guardino’s 9s full of Aces.

River: X

“Nasty dude, nasty,” says Guardino who is sent home on the one outer. “Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but the case-ace? That’s nasty.

Guardino takes home $424 for his 8th place finish.