Event 2: 7th Place – Halperin

$240 Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Re-Entry)

Ron Halperin (Lake Worth, FL) $519
Ron Halperin (Lake Worth, FL)

Ron Halperin moves all in preflop for 25k and is against Jordan Chizik.

Halperin: A-K-T-2 (double suited)
Chizik: A-4-6-6

Flop: 2-3-5

And just like that Chizik flops the wheel, and after blanks on the turn and river, his 5-high straight gets the knockout.

Halperin finishes in 7th place for $519.

“We’ll get’em next time,” says Halperin while sending a final shout out to his wife Nat and daughter Po.