Event 2: 6th Place – Masterson

$240 Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Re-Entry)

Greg Masterson (Chicago, IL)
Greg Masterson (Chicago, IL)

Greg Masterson’s short stack finally is snuffed out by chip leader Jordan Chizik

On a flop of A 8 5, Greg Masterson puts in his last 18k and says to Chizik, “come on, you know you can go runner-runner.”  Which turns out to be a prophetic statement after Chizik calls for 10k more.

Chizik: 6-5-3-3 (pair of 5s)
Masterson: K-9-2-4 (second nut low)

Turn: 4

River: 2

And with that Chizik goes runner, runner for the wheel and the scoop and is now up to 216k.

“What are you going to do,” says Masterson, “it was fun.”

Masterson 6th place finish adds $649 to his bankroll.

He says he’ll play at least one more event in the Lucky Hearts Poker Open and will try to satellite into the Championship Event (Feb 7-11).