Event 12: Final nine set, done for the day

$560 No Limit Hold’Em (Re-entry)

They have stopped play for the day with nine players remaining. Only 6 are officially getting paid but the players all agreed once they reached the final ten that 7th-10th would get $500 apiece. Jay Romano was eliminated in 10th place when his A-K went up against Jermaine Phang and his pocket Queens. Phang, who is in first place in the Lucky Hearts Poker Open Leader Board, apparently can’t be stopped this week as he would hit quads. Here are the chip counts for the remaining nine. Shana Matthews is leading the way with 109,900 in chips. They will resume play at 3 pm tomorrow.

SeatNameChip Count
1Ronny Beda69,000
2Shana Mathews109,900
3Alexander Michaels60,300
4Timothy Banks42,200
5Murad Khan57,200
6Jermaine Phang66,000
7Nicolas Gellepis24,800
8Dennis Rodriguez9,100
9Howard Hobbs41,600