Event 11: Final Results

Seminole Hard Rock Poker presents
Coco Poker Open at Coconut Creek
$200 No Limit Hold’em (Double Stack Turbo)
October 4, 2014

Total Entries: 58
Total Prize Pool: $9,860

The final seven decided they didn’t feel like gambling it up with an average stack of seven big blinds so they chopped the prize money up evenly with each of them collecting $1,409. Jim Frisk had the most chips and was awarded the trophy. Congratulations Jim and the rest of the final seven!

Jim Frisk, Winner Event 11
Jim Frisk, Winner Event 11


1st: Jim Frisk $1,409
2nd: Dani Dayan $1,409
3rd: Tom Junkins $1,409
4th: Chris Gatti $1,409
5th: Alex Aldonis $1,409
6th: Todd Newton $1,409
7th: Joseph Patalano $1,409