Event 11: Eleven-Way Chop

$240 No Limit Hold’em Survivor (Re-Entry)
Level 12: 1,200/2,300/300 Ante

After a long stalemate, the final 11 players have decided to forego the final elimination and call it a night. Here are the final results for Event 11:

1st: Zoltan Czinkota ($2,000)
2nd: Eliyahu Bohadanah ($2,000)
3rd: Matthew Bray ($2,000)
4th: Michale Chaparro, Jr. ($2,000)
5th: Richard Whitebrook ($1,900)
6th: Jason Casten ($1,900)
7th: David Steinberg ($1,640)
8th: Brian Phillis ($1,640)
9th: Pascal Theodosiadis ($1,640)
10th: Adamastar Santos ($1,640)
11th: Daniel Nocerino ($1,640)