Event 10: John Holley ($4,444) and Claudio Docarmo ($4,444) Chop

$200 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Bounty
Level 24: 20,000/40,000/5,000 Ante

John Holley and Claudio Docarmo would have been nearly dead even in chips to start their heads-up duel, and neither of them had any interest in continuing the long grind. A gentleman’s agreement was reached to chop the remaining money in half.

Claudio Docarmo officially finishes in second place, earning $4,444.

Claudio Docarmo - 2nd Place ($4,444)
Claudio Docarmo – 2nd Place ($4,444)

As the official winner, Holley earns $4,444, plus a seat to Day 1C of the $2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship tomorrow. Both men also retained their own bounties at the end of the night.

John Holley - Event 10 Winner ($4,444)
John Holley – Event 10 Winner ($4,444)

Here are the final results from Event 10:

1st: John Holley ($4,444)
2nd: Claudio Docarmo ($4,444)
3rd: James Salmon ($2,111)
4th: Anthony Argento ($1,452)
5th: Jordan Shamah ($1,117)
6th: Robyn Marshman ($871)
7th: Abbey Daniels ($686)
8th: Mike Colon ($610)
9th: Joseph Gale ($352)
10th: Stephen Strull ($290)
11th: Vladimir Kovalchuk ($290)
12th: Kimberly Jones ($290)
13th: Jerome Bradpiece ($246)
14th: Jon Ounjian ($246)
15th: Sean Lee ($246)