Event 1: No one wants to go

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 30K/60K Ante 10K

We are still playing with 11 as we have had six straight double ups from shorter stacks. In order…

–Jason Bartholomew doubled up against Richard Leger with pocket 6’s against AsTd. Leger hit an Ace on the turn but a miracle 6 on the river kept Jason in the game.

–Robert Zuckerman doubled to 750K with Ah5d against Enrique Roman’s Ad4c. The probable chopped pot turned into a scoop for Robert when a 5 flopped.

–Peter Vitantonio won the biggest pot of the tournament and took the chip lead when he called Ronnie Bardah’s four bet all in shove with pocket Aces. Ronnie only held Q-J off suit and when an ace flopped, Vitantonio surged to over three million in chips, crippling Bardah in the process.

–Enrique Roman doubled up against Elliott Zaydman when his Kc9h flopped a straight on a QdJdTc board. Zaydman held 8’s and picked up some life when an 8 hit the turn but the board did not pair on the river to move Enrique up to 900K.

–Ronnie Bardah doubled up against Angelo Miele when his pocket 7’s would hit a miracle set on the river after Miele flopped trips with his QdJh. That moved Ronnie up to 700K.

–Robert Zuckerman doubled up to just under a million in chips when he coolered John Utley with Kings against Queens. That left Utley with half a million approximately.