Event 1 Day 1D: Two Bills

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds 100/200

There’s no slowing down the line as players try to get their piece of the $250,000 guarantee and the field quickly topped 200 players with half an hour left to register or re-enter.

Zach Kessler is making the most of his second bullet (today) when he enticed a call with the board reading Qh8h5dAh4d holding the second nuts Jh4h. That built his stack a bit before he knocked out a player with his opponent drawing to the nut flush AsKd on the Ts9s5s board. Kessler’s flush was already set with 7s4s and he dodged the remaining spades to move up near 80,000.

Zach Kessler
Zach Kessler