Event 1 Day 1B: Dropping Tables

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds 300/600/75 ante

The pace has picked up a bit after registration closed but 126 players still remain in the field with a chance to bag chips in a few hours. One of those won’t be Zach Kessler who busted near the start of Level 7 when he got his chips in good. He was gone shortly after the hand along with Nancy Birnbaum, both will be back for another shot.

A few other regulars are doing well today with Nigel Murray, Oniel McCalla, and Eric Piderit all sitting comfortably.

More players are beginning to enter the Pavilion room as a $75 Qualifier to this event gets underway at 3pm with 10 seats guaranteed. Registration is open in the Qualifier until the start of the 7th level, approximately 5:15pm.