Event 1: 16 Left, Updated Chip Counts

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 20K/40K Ante 5K

Matthew Elsarelli was just eliminated in 17th place for $2,236 when he moved all in on a K-9-7 flop with J-T against Richard Leger who held pocket 5’s. Matthew was short and was unable to hit any of his many outs. Here is how our final 16 looks with rough/approximate chip counts:


Matthew Elsarelli
Matthew Elsarelli


TableSeatNameChip Count
251Angelo Miele800K
252Benjamin Cross2.0 million
253Joey Weissman600K
254Ronnie Bardah1.55 million
255Marina Koles600K
256Bruce Reid500K
257Steven “Cuz” Buckner625K
258Peter Vitantonio1.8 million
241Robert Zuckerman800K
242Enrique Roman1.35 million
243Elliott Zaydman960K
245Juan Peraltas450K
246Jason Bartholomew1.1 million
247Alfonso Perez750K
248Richard Leger1.2 million
249John Utley725K