Event 1: 11th Place – Paula Alibrandi ($2,863)

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 40k/80k/10k ante

Scott Zakheim opened for 175,000 and one to his left was Julio Rodriguez who asked the dealer for a count on the raise. Once the dealer counted out the chips and told Rodriguez he immediately moved all in for a total of 905,000. It was folded to Paula Alibrandi in the big blind who thought it over for a minute before saying “oh to hell with it” as she also moved all in.

Zakheim quickly folded KcJd and the cards were turned over for Rodriquez and Alibrandi:

Rodriguez QhQs     Alibrandi AhKd

The first two cards in the window were great for Alibrandi as they were the AcKh but the third card out was the worst card possible as it was the Qc to give Rodriguez a set of queens. Alibrandi was unable to improve on the 2c turn or 6d river and was left with just 95,000 in chips.

She would get those all in on the next hand with 5d4s and would lose to Stewart Newman who would make a pair of aces with his AdTc. Alibrandi was eliminated in 11th place for $2,863.

Paula Alibrandi - 11th Place ($2,863)
Paula Alibrandi – 11th Place ($2,863)