Championship: Zaydman Doubles to Take the Chip Lead; Rukeyser Eliminated

$1,100 Coco Poker Showdown Championship
Level 16: 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante
Players Remaining: 24 of 202

Jill Rukeyser raised and it folded to Elliott Zaydman on the button who three-bet to 40,000. It went back to Rukeyser and she shoved for 294,500. Zaydman, who claimed a stack of 271,500, called.

Zaydman: KcKd
Rukeyser: QhQd

The runout came blanks earning Zaydman a monster pot and leaving Rukeyser with about 25,000 chips. Zaydman took the chip lead while Rukeyser went bust a few hands later.

Elliott Zaydman – 554,500 (110 bb)
Jill Rukeyser – Eliminated