Championship: Rubinsteyn Roller Coaster

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship

Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante
158 players remaining, 79k avg (66 bb)

Chip leader Jaime Rubinsteyn (Hallandale) has been involved with a lot of hands early.

We saw him blow Victor Figueroa ( Miami) off a hand with an all-in river bet and then ships a 95k double-up to Robert “Uncle Krunk” Pantich (Northbrook, IL).

On the river Rubinsteyn leads for 25k, Panitch moves all in for 75k total and Rubinsteyn calls.  Panitch has the winner with two pairs (Aces & 9s) against Rubinsteyn’s AK.

After losing 40% of his stack on the hand, Rubinsteyn takes out Mark DeSimone (Boca Raton) who started the day with 66k.

The net result has Rubinsteyn on a roller coaster and slightly ahead of his Day 2 starting stack (235k) as he’s up to 260k.

Ronit Chamani (Johannesburg, South Africa) joins the table taking the seat vacated by DeSimone