Championship: Rafael Oropesa Eliminated in 18th Place ($2,222)

$1,100 Coco Poker Showdown Championship
Level 18: 4,000/8,000 with a 500 ante
Players Remaining: 17 of 202

Rafael Oropesa

Rafael Oropesa was in position staring down an 8h7d5d board. He was facing an all-in bet by Ramon Miquel who had him covered. After some time, the clock was called. Oropesa ran it down to about 20 second remaining before he called off.

Miquel: 8c5c for two pair
Oropesa: 9s9h for an overpair

The turn 8s and river Kd were no help and Oropesa was eliminated in 18th place earning $2,222.

Rafael Oropesa – Eliminated in 18th place ($2,222)