Championship: Nathan Bjerno – 4th Place ($70,000)

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 26: 20,000/40,000/5,000 Ante

Nathan Bjerno - 4th Place ($70,000)
Nathan Bjerno – 4th Place ($70,000)

There was ~1 million in the heads up pot between Matt Affleck and Nathan Bjerno when Affleck bet enough to put Bjerno all-in on the river.

Bjerno looked pained and several times looked like he was going to fold his hand with the board reading Jc6h3h7hTs. With 1.4 million remaining, he called off his stack and Affleck showed the nut flush Ah9h. Bjerno tabled his inferior JhTh and stood up.

The hand left Affleck with 6 million of the 10 million in play at the three-handed table.

Seat 1: Matt Affleck – 6,100,000 (153 bb)
Seat 4: Cord Garcia – 1,200,000 (30 bb)
Seat 7: Jean Gaspard – 2,900,000 (73 bb)

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