Championship: McDonough Hits Big Double

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 12K/24K/4K ante

Skip McDonough promised the blogging team we’d be writing about a triple-up right after the last break and he was close to telling the future. It was four-way action to the Ah7c5h flop and it checked around to Hans Winzeler on the button.

He bet out 100,000 and McDonough moved all-in for 596,000 total. Iraj Fariab quickly called and Winzeler considered doing the same. He let his hand go and they saw McDonough with a set holding 5c5s against Fariab’s top two Ad7h.

McDonough dodged the 2s turn and 8s to move over 1.5 million.