Running Updates: Calderero Cracks Aces

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship

Blinds 60k/120k/20k ante

There are lots of fireworks on the last two hands of the level.

James Calderaro and Shannon Shorr see a flop of 10s7s4h.

Shorr bets 475k, Calderaro raises to 1.4 million, Shorr moves all in and Calderaro snap calls.

Calderaro 10c7c (two pairs)
Shorr: AdAs (over pair)

There’s no help on the turn, 3d or river, 5c and in a close count Calderero doubles 5.6 million and has a commanding lead.

After being left with 535k (4 bb), the two are all in again on the next hand with Shorr at risk.

Shorr: Ad2h
Calderaro: Ac6h

Flop: Jd5h3h (Shorr, gutshot straight draw)

Turn: Qh (Shorr, three outs)

River: 4d

The non-heart 4 gives Shorr a straight and a double-up to just over 1 million to stay alive.

The players are on a 10 minute break.

Chip Counts

James Calderaro 11.4 million (76 bb)
Shannon Shorr 1.1 million (7 bb)

Final Table Results


1st $271,103
2nd $190,039
3rd Keven Stammen (Coldwater, OH) $122,197
4th Dimas Martinez (Queens, NY) $90,366
5th Tim Kegel (Hollywood) $67,842
6th Evan Dollinger (Sunrise) $54,355
7th Justin Zaki (Tierra Verde) $45,318
8th Mukul Pahuja (Coconut Creek) $36,147
9th Doug Hartwick (Willowdale, ON) $27,110
10th Corrie Wunstel (Baton Rouge, LA) $19,827