Championship: First Break

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 75/150

Players are off on their first break of the day as the clock ticks towards 100 entrants for the first flight. Several pros joined before the break including Chance Kornuth, Brian Hastings, and Corey Burbick.

Notable counts:

Larry Klur43,300
Paul Balzano38,125
Chance Kornuth38,075
Justin Zaki29,050
Corey Burbick29,000
Noah Schwartz27,300
Elliott Zaydman21,025
Peter Striano20,850
Nigel Murray20,800
Darryll Fish16,025
Nancy Birnbaum15,025
TJ Shulman12,800
Brian Hastings9,100