Championship Event: Newman Keeps Surviving

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 10K/20K/3K ante

John Dolan opened for 40,000 and David Hass raised it up just a little more than the minimum to 70,000. It was folded to Stewart Newman who moved all in for 394,000 total. Dolan got out of the way but Hass quickly called.

Newman had AdKs and would need to improve as Hass had KcKd. The dealer wasted no time moving Newman into the lead as he put out a flop of AcQc5h. The turn was the Ts prompting Hass to ask the dealer for a jack to split the pot. The river was the 8d though and Newman, who was down to just 42,000 a couple hours ago, doubled up to approximately 850,000. Hass lost a little less than half his stack on the hand and has approximately 550,000.