Championship Day 2: Kings All Around

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 1.5K/3k/500 ante

Four more quick eliminations have everyone wondering if they’ll make the money before the dinner break in 90 minutes.

There were two big back-to-back hands at Table 3 which saw Chris Bolek go out when his Ad9d could not run down the KhKc of Raymond McDonough. One hand later and it was Kings again, this time KhKd was up against AhAd and Elliott Zaydman was on the wrong end of that battle.

Margaret Mitchell found a little luck on her side at Table 5 against Matt Waxman. She was down to just a few chips when she called a raise from the small blind with 3c2s and Waxman was holding the now often run Kings.

Someone at the table told her “you have a really good shot at this” just before the dealer spread her a trey and deuce on the flop. She hit a bonus trey on the river for a small double up. It wasn’t a big hit to Waxman as he recently hit a big double with Kings a few hands prior.